Aimtec (Montreal, Canada) has introduced the 2 watt AM2GW-NZ series of ultra wide input (4:1) DC-DC switching power supplies with operating temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C. Versatile, single and dual output modules are available in input ranges of 9-36V and 18-72V with I/O isolation of 1500VDC within a compact SIP9 package. With output currents of up to 500mA delivered to a regulated output voltage range of 3 to 15V, at high efficiency rates of up to 82%, the AM2GW-NZ series is ideally suited for portable power management applications, in addition to other telecom, microcontroller, DSPs industrial process systems, remote or battery backed systems, test/lab instrumentation, robotic systems and board level power distribution subsystems, datacom, and transportation equipment applications where loosely regulated input voltages are present.

The AM2GW-NZ series features continuous short circuit protection and remote on / off control. Designed to allow the output voltage to shutoff without shutting down the input voltage, the remote on/ off function supports applications where conservation of the device's power consumption is required or there is a need for the power supplies to switch on and off according to a specific algorithm.

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