Renesas Technology (San Jose, CA) has introduced the SH7262 and SH7264 series of high-performance SuperH® 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with 1Mbyte of on-chip SRAM. The 144MHz devices are highly integrated and optimized for digital audio systems, MP3 media player accessories, and graphical display systems, such as graphical dashboards for automobiles and industrial man-machine interfaces (MMI).

Because they contain an extensive array of hardware functions and more internal memory, the new MCUs make it possible to design with a single-chip mid-range and low-end consumer, automotive, and industrial products that provide economical graphics capabilities or TV display functions. Depending on a model, the MCUs have 18 to 20 peripheral functions that are sufficient for handling the many timing, communication, decompression, data conversion, and other tasks required in such applications.

Both the SH7262 and SH7264 series contain eight models. The versions are differentiated by temperature range (-20 to +85°C or -40 to +85°C) and whether or not they have CAN or IEBus interfaces. The SH7262 series MCUs are packaged in a 176-pin QFP and have four channels of A/D converter, while the SH7264 series devices come in a 208-pin QFP and have eight A/D converter channels. The QFP packages are lead-free types.

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