Macraigor Systems (Brookline Village, MA) has ported their proprietary OCDemon On-Chip Debug Technology to ARM Cortex-M3 processors and is offering full GNU toolsets to be used with these processors. Engineers developing applications for these new processors can control and debug their hardware designs and application software without the use of other system resources such as UARTs, Ethernet channels, or parallel ports. Macraigor's JTAG interface devices are available for use with the ARM Cortex- M3 based cores as well as other ARM family devices including ARM 7, ARM 9, ARM 11, Freescale's iMX series, XScale, and others.

Debug method is available for hardware initialization and debug as well as Flash EEPROM programming, kernel, driver, and application software debug.

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This article first appeared in the March, 2009 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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