Aonix® (San Diego, CA) now offers the PERC Ultra SMP with support for multicore hardware. PERC Ultra SMP is a multiprocessor and multicore solution for complex mission-critical embedded and real-time Java applications. When the Java language, initially designed for multithreaded programming environments, is coupled with Aonix's PERC Ultra SMP virtual machine, developers are able to leverage full SMP benefits without rewriting code originally designed to run in older, uniprocessor systems. PERC Ultra's real-time garbage collector ensures that real-time microsecond response can be guaranteed even in missioncritical applications.

With PERC Ultra SMP, all Java threads access the same shared objects, making them free to relocate themselves within memory. It also allows threads to migrate between processors, a crucial element to load balancing in multicore systems. To handle these needs, Aonix has developed a special patent-pending synchronization technique that ensures that an application thread on one processor does not attempt to access an object while another process is relocating the desired object as part of the garbage collection process. This performance-optimized solution hinges on the generation of specialized code sequences by the PERC Ultra SMP JIT compiler and on an enhanced real-time garbage collection algorithm.

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