Congatec AG (Deggendorf, Germany) now offers conga-QA, a computer module based on the Qseven form factor. The conga-QA is fitted with the Intel® Atom™ Z5xx range of processors and the Intel® US15W system controller hub. The module provides fast, serial differential interfaces such as PCI Express and SATA, and avoids old legacy interfaces such as EIDE and PCI. The conga-QA module provides 8x USB 2.0, 1x SATA, 1x SDIO, 1x PCIe, LPC bus, I²C bus, as well as gigabit Ethernet and high definition audio.

The module offers up to 4 GByte onboard flash storage. The flexible SDIO interface means that SD cards can also be used as easy and robust mass storage. With 8 bit bandwidth, MMC 4.0 cards can be used with a data transfer rate of up to 52 MByte/s. As well as storage media, cards with functions such as WLAN, Bluetooth, and RFID are also available for the SDIO standard.

The Intel® US15W system controller hub contains the Intel® GMA500 graphics engine. The 3D-capable onboard graphics use a frame buffer of up to 256 MByte and support DirectX 9.0E and OpenGL 2.0. Video applications are accelerated by MPEG2 and MPEG4 decoding in hardware. Graphics output is either via a 1x24 bit LVDS channel or an SDVO port. The conga-QA module uses VESA standard "DisplayID" to automatically recognize any flat displays connected.

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