ARC International (San Jose, CA), has introduced the Virtual Bass™ audio enrichment technology that delivers a deep rich bass response on existing speakers or headphones, eliminating the need to add subwoofers or other audio components. Virtual Bass optimizes a product's bass rendering capabilities, taking into account the analog to digital converter, amplifier, speaker cavity, and speaker driver, resulting in audio that more accurately reflects the original performance without adding artificial signals or muffling voice articulation and audio clarity.

The low-power ARC® Sound Subsystem is a 100-hour audio playback solution for portable devices. When implemented on the ARC® Sound Subsystem, Virtual Bass offers a complete solution that lowers manufacturing cost while producing an enhanced listening experience. The complete solution includes an underlying silicon solution that cuts chip size and lowers power consumption, a complete set of software to provide playback of any digital music format, all the tools needed to develop the chip solution, and the complete Sonic Focus™ audio enrichment technology suite.

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This article first appeared in the May, 2009 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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