Data Translation (Marlboro, MA) has introduced the DT9818, a high performance, multifunction USB data acquisition board for OEMs. The DT9818 is aimed at embedded applications rather than the more common USB approach of connecting externally to the PC. The module runs completely on USB power and offers ±500V galvanic isolation, a critical feature for industrial embedded systems. The DT9818 board features 500 volt galvanic isolation that prevents ground loops, maximizes analog signal integrity, and protects the computer; true 16-bit resolution for both the analog input and analog output subsystems; and independent clocking and triggering for input and output subsystems for maximum flexibility.

The DT9818 board provides 8 or 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 16 digital I/O lines, 2 counter timers, and allows simultaneous operation of all subsystems at throughput rates up to150kHz. The board-only OEM version allows the user to embed data acquisition capability directly into their USB system. Many software choices are available for application development from ready-to-measure programs like Measurement Applets and quickDAQ, to full graphical programming with Measure Foundry rapid application development builder.

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