Sensor Products Inc. (Madison, NJ) announces the Pressurex Zero® tactile pressure-indicating sensor films. Pressurex Zero characterizes contact surface pressure down to an extremely low 7.2 PSI (0.5 kg/cm2). It is an easy-to-use flexible film that is placed between contacting or mating surfaces to instantly and accurately measure and map pressure magnitude and distribution. Var iations in contact surface pressure are immediately visible by the impression made on the film. The spatial resolution of the film is fine enough to expose minute surface defects and other imperfections. The range for Pressurex Zero is 7.2 – 28 PSI.

Pressurex comes in the form of a thin clear plastic sheet of 4 or 8 mil. It is available in eight different pressure ranges with the highest measuring impact up to 43,200 PSI. When placed between contacting surfaces, it instantaneously and permanently changes color directly proportional to the actual pressure applied. The precise pressure magnitude is easily determined by comparing color variation results to a color correlation chart. Pressurex can also be scanned through one of Sensor Product's optical imaging systems. Pressurex is used in design, manufacturing, calibration, and quality control. Other applications include flow check for fuel cell stacks and squeeges.

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This article first appeared in the May, 2009 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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