LCR Electronics (Norristown, PA) offers a series of doublestage, low-profile EMI filters that provides easier assembly and reduced material costs. The 088 Series integrates a high attenuation EMI filter and IEC power entry socket with an illuminated power switch and either a fuse or a re-settable circuit breaker into one compact package. The RoHS-compliant 088 Series EMI filters are ideal for use in general purpose applications where electrical currents can cause damage to system components. The filters' low profile makes them suitable for applications where space is a premium, such as 1U rack configurations. The series uses either fast-on terminals or lead wires with customized lengths and terminals for installation in almost any application.

The 088 series filters are available in 4A to 10A rated current, 250 VAC 50/60 Hz, in both general purpose and low leakage current version. The high potential voltage for 088 series filters is 1,450 VDC line-to-line and 2,250 VDC line-to-ground. The Insertion loss measured in a 50 Ohm system ranges from 20 dBA to 79 dBA in common mode and 13 dBA to 81 dBA in differential mode, depending on the filter current rating.

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