The IPm2m® RTU and Datalogger from SIXNET (Ballston Lake, NY) combines RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), datalogger, and telemetry interface in a compact, installation-ready package. The IPm2m has a full complement of communication ports with an Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and USB. This flexible port configuration makes it ideal for connecting to devices in a remote location. Each port supports SIXNET and Modbus protocol along with DNP3 slave. A diverse mixture of discrete and analog I/O is well-suited for remote monitor and control of various instruments.

Datalogging memory of 32MB in flash or dynamic memory provides space to save data that can be accessed at any time. Uninterruptible power protection supplies backup power from a central location to each distributed Etherbus® I/O module using a single Etherbus Fieldbus cable. The Etherbus PoE supply feature will keep the module communicating and powering critical instrumentation during a power failure. IPm2m provides the means to connect remotely to bring real-time data from distributed locations to the Internet or into central information servers. The RTU datalogger is ideal for remote machineto- machine applications such as environmental monitoring, energy/facility management, critical equipment monitoring, resource tracking and control, automated field service, and security systems.

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