LDRA (San Bruno, CA) has released v8.0 of the LDRA tool suite, an automated end-to-end solution for software verification support. By integrating requirements management into the LDRA tool suite using TBreq, LDRA’s tool for next-generation management and complete automation of requirements traceability, developers can reduce software errors, project costs, and resource constraints. TBreq creates a relationship between requirements, code modules, and verification artifacts (static analysis, dynamic analysis, unit- and system-level test). All informal changes and test results are recorded, and any requirements impacted by these changes are highlighted so that all team members can identify data and code which might be suspect.

v8.0 provides important support and adoption of FAA, FDA, DoD, and MILS standards, and implements methodology to help companies improve their CMMI maturity. Support for comprehensive coverage analysis automatically links coverage results from system level tests with highly targeted unit level testing. Following more intuitive organization, structural coverage results are graphically displayed based on a user-defined suite of requirements-based test cases.

LDRA Testbed, the core engine of the LDRA tool suite, forms the foundation of automated software verification. LDRA Testbed performs the code, quality, and design reviews on the source code. It conducts test verification for code coverage, including statement, branch/decision, test path, and procedure/function call metrics. LDRA TBvision, a next-generation graphical reporting and documentation tool, enables companies to easily see how their source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection, and adherence to the required quality standards.

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