VersaLogic Corp. (Eugene, OR) has developed two expansion modules that feature the Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology (SUMITTM) interface scheme. These PC/104-sized modules are suitable for systems that need a small (3.65" × 3.8") footprint. Expansion boards may be added, including PCI Express (PCIe) lanes, USB ports, LPC, SPI, and SMB. For legacy applications, the accessory cards are also equipped with a PC/104 ISA feed-through connector.

The VL-EPMs-E1 features high-speed Ethernet channels and optional wireless functionality via a PCIe Mini Card interface. The VL-EPMs-PS1 power supply accepts +9V to +40V DC input and provides +5V and ±12V DC output (up to 50 Watts) for powering the embedded board stack. Customization is available including conformal coating, BIOS customizations, revision locks, custom labeling, high-G shock and vibration treatment, custom testing, and screening.

VersaLogic’s accessory modules can be used to complement any SUMIT-enabled SBC to form a complete SUMIT ecosystem, and can be mixed with legacy PC/104 modules. They are compatible with any SUMIT-based SBC, including VersaLogic’s AtomTM Z5xx PC/104-sized board, and the CoreTM2 Duo EPIC-sized SBC.

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