Renesas Technology America (San Jose, CA) now offers the TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory) Series of memory products to enable high-speed packet processing for networking equipment such as routers and switches. The first product in the series is the R8A20410BG TCAM, which has a capacity of 20 Mbits and delivers high-speed search performance of up to 360 MSPS (mega-searches per second)/Table. TCAM memory cells can store three data states: 0, 1, and X (“Don’t Care”). It is suitable for applications such as networking equipment because it achieves deterministic, high-speed searches by using simultaneous parallel operation to compare data strings input from an external device with data strings stored in the memory and outputting the matches.

At a clock frequency of 360 MHz, the search processing performance is 360 MSPS/Table. Flexible search conditions allow the search bit length to be set to 40L/H, 80, 160, 320, 480, or 640 bits. Functions such as four parallel independent search engines increase lookup performance and provide support for a range of network applications. The TCAM is interoperable with Xelerated’s HX family of NPUs. It comes in a 576-pin FCBGA package (27mm x 27mm, 1.0mm ball pitch).

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