XTend4010 3U hybrid backplane

The XTend4010 3U hybrid backplane from Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) (Middleton, WI) supports four VPX slots, three CompactPCI peripheral slots, a Gigabit Ethernet switch slot, and a fabric/bridge slot. The VPX slots offer star fabric topology (A fabric), ring fabric topology (B/C fabrics), and four x4 PCIe links when used with the XChange3010, which bridges from PCI Express to a parallel PCI interface and includes a PrPMC/XMC slot for additional processing or system I/O. CompactPCI features a 32-bit PCI bus and 33-MHz or 66- MHz frequency operation. Two redundant Gigabit Ethernet switch fabrics are provided when used with the XChange3011 switch, which also features an optional rugged front panel Micro-D connector for chassis-level Ethernet and RS-422 serial connectivity. System designers can take advantage of these features by using the XTend4010 as a development platform for migrating from CompactPCI to the VITA 46 (VPX) standard, or as a fully deployable system capable of supporting legacy Compact PCI devices.

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