KineticSystems (Lockport, IL) has announced the V155, a VXI Slot-0 controller featuring a Pentium® M embedded processor. The V155 is a single- width C-size module with 1.1-GHz, 1.6-GHz, and 1.8-GHz clocking options. It features dual Ethernet controllers that support 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseT interfaces; 2 GBytes of bootable flash on a secondary IDE; 1.5 GByte of PC1600 DDR SDRAM; and one PMC expansion site for user expandability for FDDI, CompactFlash, GPIB, Fibre Channel, or FPDP. The V155 also supports the VXI Plug & Play Virtual Instruments Systems Architecture (VISA) Library, which allows modules to be controlled via several interfaces with the same I/O function calls. Industry-standard VISA support allows the V155 to be integrated into existing systems, while dual Ethernet ports enable direct LAN access for connectivity with LXI-based systems. The controller is suitable for data acquisition and control for applications such as ATE, and aerospace and aircraft testing.

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