Xilinx (San Jose, CA) offers a Small Form Factor (SFF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) development platform allowing OEMs to develop and optimize their radio designs for low power operation. The RF-to-baseband platform provides the hardware, operating software, and middleware stack. The development platform's power optimization tool allows waveform developers to optimize system power via iterative power measurements and re-partitioning of algorithms across the Xilinx® FPGAs and Texas Instruments' (TI) baseband processor. The SFF SDR platform features a miniature board size of 6 × 5", and is based on the Virtex™-4 SX35 and LX25 Platform FPGAs, TI DM6446 DSP baseband processor, TI ADS5500 analog-to-digital converter, TI DAC5687 digital-toanalog converter, and TI power management ICs. The hardware platform includes Virtex-4 XtremeDSP technology to implement the digital front-end (DFE) functions and wideband waveform processing, and TI DSP SoC technology to manage baseband processing and the SDR's operating environment.

The platform includes the digital processing module, data conversion module, RF module, and board support package with API and drivers. The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) operating environment hosted on the platform leverages SCARI++ SCA core framework software supplied by Communication Research Centre; Integrity real-time operating system provided by Green Hills Software; and the ORBexpress CORBA ORB from Objective Interface Systems.

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