Aitech Defense Systems, Inc. (Chatsworth, CA) has expanded the C900 series of rugged 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) single-board computers (SBCs) with the C903, available in air- or conduction-cooled models; both conform to PICMG 2.0 R3.0 and ANSI/VITA 30.1-1991 specifications, respectively.

The unit is powered by a 750 FL PowerPC operating at 600 MHz, and operates in a temperature range from -55 to 85°C. The onboard memory arrays provide volatile, nonvolatile, and mass-memory resources. The C903 features up to 1 GB fast DDR SDRAM (with ECC protection) in addition to 128 MB of standalone User Flash. The board incorporates 64 MB of dedicated Boot Flash and up to 2 GB of NAND Flash File memory for mass storage with an added 128 KB of NVRAM. The board can function as either a cPCI system controller or as a peripheral board. The C903 supports up to seven additional cards on the backplane, expanding functionality to include clock, arbitration, and interrupt capabilities. The four 32-bit timers provide high-resolution timing functionality. A real-time clock is backed by a SuperCap capacitor. Fixed, programmable, and windowed avionics watchdog timers work in tandem to identify time-out events. Other features are test and diagnostic firmware, JTAG/COP interface, two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, two high-speed serial communications ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and up to eight general-purpose discrete I/O channels.

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