Linear Technology Corp. (Milpitas, CA) offers the LTC4242, a narrow, dual-slot PCI Express Hot Swap™ controller for mid-range networking or storage servers and embedded applications. The device simplifies the application by eliminating complex software interfaces, and allows for independently controlling the main supplies (12 V and 3.3 V) and the auxiliary (3.3 V AUX) supply on two slots.

ImageThe 12 V supply inputs are protected up to 20 V. Along with analog current limit amplifiers, electronic circuit breakers with adjustable response time provide dual-level over-current protection. Control for the auxiliary supplies is independent with separate ON and FAULT pins. The internal 3.3 V AUX MOSFET features 0.25 Ohm ON resistance that, together with the exposed backside metal on the QFN package and thermal shutdown protection, lessens the amount of heat in the device. A separate Vcc pin allows the part to power up without the main supplies being present and the ability to withstand interruptions in the auxiliary supply. The controller is offered in 5 × 7 mm 38-lead QFN and 36-lead SSOP packages; the optional leaded package, 36-pin SSOP is a proprietary package designed for narrow applications. The controller is specified over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

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