STMicroelectronics (Geneva, Switzerland) has unveiled the Structured Architecture of Bridges and Regulators (S.A.B.Re®), an IC offering a set of configurable and customizable analog functions for printer, fax, and point-of-sale system applications.

ImageThe devices integrate a number of features that can be configured and customized, including motor drivers, regulators, an analog-to-digital converter, operational amplifiers, and voltage comparators. Certain architectural changes can be programmed via the serial interface and/or general purpose I/Os, while more complex functions can be customized with metal layers implementing specific macro functions. The metal customization does not modify any active part of the silicon.

The S.A.B.Re IC is composed of four configurable bridges that can also function as switching regulators or power charge, a variable-voltage buck switching regulator, a switching regulator controller, a linear regulator, a multi-channel configurable 9-bit A/D converter, two operational amplifiers, and bi-directional serial interface.

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