Ampro Computers (San Joe, CA) has introduced the ReadyPanel™ Industrial Panel PC for industrial automation, human-machine interface (HMI), and operator control applications. The ReadyPanel is designed as a Panel PC that includes a standard EPIC form factor Pentium® compatible SBC, and a 6.5" color TFT display with integrated 4-wire resistive touch screen.

ImageThe computer offers scalability to meet specific demands with the capability to integrate a variety of EPIC compatible single board computers (SBCs). The ReadyPanel 6.5 panel computer is an applicationready Windows® CE 5.0 appliance for HMI environments offering a selection of Ampro ReadyBoard™ SBCs with Intel® processors from 400 MHz Celeron® to Core™ Duo. It can be configured with memory sizes up to 1GB DRAM and CompactFlash options up to 2GB. ReadyPanel includes Windows CE 5.0 on CompactFlash and provides PCstyle connectors for access to USB ports, Ethernet port (RJ45), dual serial ports (DB9), CRT video, PS/2 keyboard and mouse port, and audio. The computer operates over the temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and is DC-powered, using 5 V and 12 VDC inputs.

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