The aTCA-8505 from ADLINK Technology (Irvine, CA), is an AdvancedTCA chassis with shelf manager and dual hot-swappable I2C controlled fan trays. The aTCA-8505 features a push-pull design for a right-to-left transverse of air flow. To accelerate the transition speed within the blades, the chassis backplane supports a full-mesh transition module.

ImageThe aTCA-8505 has three slots for nodes, two slots for fabrics, and dual shelf manager slots to meet redundancy requirements. The shelf manager provides a UART and two LAN ports for external connectivity. Using off-board I2C buses, external FRUs and intelligent fan board data can be accessed to monitor environment status and adjust fan power to all the blades inside the chassis. All ADLINK AdvanctedTCA CPU blades and switch blades support both base and fabric interfaces. The transition mode of the base interface is dual star and the fabric interface is full mesh. The aTCA-8505 is suitable for use by network security appliance providers requiring remote control functionality.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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