Microchip Technology (Chandler, AZ) has announced the eight-member PIC18F87J50 family of 8-bit microcontrollers with an integrated and certified USB 2.0 full-speed, 12 Mbps transceiver. This line of microcontrollers also provides 12 MIPS performance with I/O and a selection of analog and digital peripherals for embedded systems designers who require full-speed USB connectivity.

ImageThe PIC18F87J50 family can perform as the sole controller in embedded applications, and also includes nanoWatt Technology for low power consumption in sleep mode, which is suitable for batterypowered applications. The microcontroller includes 65 available I/O, 128 Kbytes of Flash program memory that can be updated in circuit, and a peripheral set that includes a 12-channel, 10-bit Analog-to-Digital converter, and a Parallel Master Port for connection to external memory and displays. The microcontroller family has applications in the industrial, medical, consumer, and automotive fields, and can be incorporated in data loggers, scanners, smart displays, micro fuel cells, RFID readers, industrial timers, gasflow analyzers, cable-test fixtures, research-equipment automation, vehicle-network bus diagnostic tools, vehicle trace recorders, ultrasonic sensors, and fire alarms.

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Embedded Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the September, 2007 issue of Embedded Technology Magazine.

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