Watlow (St. Louis, MO) announces the introduction of its EZZONE ™ PM controller in the popular 1/32nd and 1/16th DIN panel mount package sizes.

ImageStandard EZ-ZONE PM features include RoHS compliance by design, TRU-TUNE™+ adaptive control, Watlow's patented programmable menu system, serial communications for controller configuration with a downloadable Windows® PC-based software configuration package (at no charge), 3PT armor sealing system, Consistent Termination Labeling (CTL) system, EZKEY programmable "hot-key", dual row seven-segment displays, front panel removable, Factory Mutual (FM) approval on limit models, parameter save/restore memory, full featured alarms, removable wiring connections and an industry leading three-year warranty. Buyers can select from a variety of industrial communication protocols including EIA 485, EIA 232, EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus® TCP to remotely configure, manage and monitor the system's performance. Other options include load current measuring capability, a remote set point input, ramp soak programming capability and control variable retransmission

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