The TPA-XMC™ PrXMC/PrPMC Module from Themis® Computer (Fremont, CA) provides dual 64-bit processing and flexible high-speed I/O while consuming as little as 15 watts. The energy-efficient module is based on P.A. Semi's PA6T-1682M PWRficient™ Power Architecture-based processor. The TPA-XMC is designed for a wide range of networking, wireless infrastructure, storage, and military/aerospace systems running applications on PowerPC platforms. Eighteen user-configurable serdes lanes enable the TPA-XMC to serve a wide range of high-speed requirements.

ImageOther features include: Dual-port 2MB shared L2 cache; dual DDR2 memory controllers; built-in computation and transformation offload engines for bulk encryption, cyclic redundancy checking (CRC), and streaming XOR generation; two XAUI and four SGMII protocol engines that provide packet processing, VLAN flow control, and TCP/IP acceleration; 1GB or 2GB of DDR2-400 ECC SDRAM memory (soldered); 128MB of OS kernel NAND flash memory; and real-time clock with 256B NVRAM.

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