Luminary Micro (Austin, TX) has released communications modules and reference design kits for Ethernet-enabled display applications and serial- to-Ethernet communications applications. The compact networked Intelligent Display Module (MDL-IDM) offers a complete graphical touch-screen user interface solution for control, automation, and instrumentation. Featuring a 2.8-in. QVGA 16-bit color LCD resistive touch panel display and a Power- over-Ethernet (PoE) capability, the Stellaris MDLIDM offers a simple method to produce intelligent terminals that can be simultaneously powered and network-connected by a single CAT5 Ethernet cable. The module can also be powered with a standard 24 V DC power supply or through 5 V DC terminals.

ImageThe Luminary Micro Stellaris Serial-to- Ethernet Module (MDLS2E) offers a complete, ready-to- implement solution designed to add web connectivity to any serial device. The MDL-S2E is used for augmenting legacy products that only contain a serial port for a configuration or control interface. The MDL-S2E has a highly integrated ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 50 MHz of performance and ample single-cycle, on-chip Flash and SRAM memory for efficient network traffic handling. The Reference Design Kit for the Serial-to-Ethernet Module includes a retractable Ethernet cable, USB cable for power from a PC, DB9 serial cable, an adaptor board containing the DB9 serial connector, and a CD containing all the module design information.

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