altOMICRON Lab’s (Houston, TX) new universal injection transformer, B-WIT 100, was developed for the stability analysis of switched mode power supplies and control loops of any kind. Due to its special design, the B-WIT 100 combines a very wide frequency range (1Hz - 10 MHz) with a 600V CAT II compliant output.

Together with OMICRON Lab’s vector network analyzer, Bode 100, the B-WIT 100 is used to achieve quick and accurate results on the stability characteristic of DC/DC converters. The 600V CAT II compliant output of the injection transformer enables the analysis of switched mode power supplies with output voltages ranging from a few volts up to mains voltage. The wide frequency range of the B-WIT 100 ensures its usability for slow, low bandwidth control loops as well as for fast, high bandwidth circuits. Due to this feature combination, a wide range of measurement applications, which demanded different injection transformers in the past, can now be covered with only one device.

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