iWatt (Los Gatos, CA) introduces the iW7032 LED backlight driver to power up to 32 parallel strings of LEDs for high-performance direct and segment-edge LED TV backlighting. iWatt’s adaptive switching technology solves the thermal problems of driving multiple parallel strings of LEDs, where a significant amount of wasted power typically heats the inside of an LED TV.

Sensing the mismatch of the varying forward voltages (Vf) of the multiple strings of LEDs, iWatt’s technology adjusts appropriately for each string. This reduces the wasted power by up to 90 percent and minimizes the heat inside the TV. Typical ICs can drive eight, 12, or 16 strings of LEDs, while the iW7032 can drive up to 32 strings, numbering 15 LEDs per string, to power 480 total LEDs from one IC.

The iW7032 features an integrated MOSFET for each string of LEDs which can reduce component count, form factors, and costs for dynamic backlighting. Driver printed-circuit-boards (PCBs) are up to 50 percent smaller than solutions relying on external MOSFETS.