Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (El Segundo, CA) introduces the EPC2012 enhanced-performance eGaN FET. The EPC2012 is lead-free, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free. The EPC2012 FET is a 1.6 mm2 200 VDS device with a maximum RDS(ON) of 100 milliohms with 5 V applied to the gate.

This eGaN FET provides significant performance advantages over the first-generation EPC1012 eGaN device. The EPC2012 has an increased pulsed current rating of 15 A (compared with 12 A for the EPC1012), is fully enhanced at a lower gate voltage, and has superior dv/dt immunity due to an improved ratio of QGD/QGS.

Compared to a state-of-the-art silicon power MOSFET with similar on-resistance, the EPC2012 is much smaller and has many times superior switching performance. Applications that benefit from eGaN FET performance include high-speed DC-DC power supplies, point-of-load converters, class D audio amplifiers, and hard-switched and high-frequency circuits.