austriamicrosystems (Unterpremstaetten, Austria) offers two new battery charger ICs for Li-ion batteries in mobile devices. The AS3610/11 step-down DC-DC chargers offer fast and highly efficient charging of Li-ion batteries with up to 1.25 A output current. The ICs include safety and protection features, internal current measurement, and USB Host/OTG (on the go) boost mode operation.

The AS3610 DC-DC charger provides an I²C interface for external control and the AS3611 operates independently. The performance and features of the AS3610/11 make the charger ICs well-suited for applications that are powered by one Li-ion battery. Such applications include remote controls, GPS outdoor navigation or tracking equipment, mobile phones, and e-book readers.

The AS3610/11 switching charger ICs were designed with inputs from the handset and portable markets to use a high-efficiency switch mode charger with minimum ripple. Implementation is simplified with most options and features controlled by pin strapping or OTP. These features include current limit set, charging current, and OTG boost. The AS3610 step-down charger also supports 900mA input current limitation for USB 3.0.