Powerex (Youngwood, PA) has introduced IGBTs from 300A/1200V - 800A/1200V in conventional packages, allowing users an easy upgrade path for increased system ratings and/or improved reliability due to the increased allowable operating junction temperature. Applications include motor drives, fuel cells, and wind and solar inverters.

Featuring CSTBT™ silicon for performance improvement, the devices feature the lowest power loss on the market for increased customer system efficiency. The 6th Generation S-Series IGBTs are available in three compatible package styles.

The IGBTs also feature:

  • Tj(max) = 175 °C – higher operating temperature
  • 40% reduction in gate drive current – reduced gate driver requirements
  • 20% reduction in VCE(sat) – lower losses
  • 25% reduction in turn off losses– lower losses
  • 20% reduction in FWD forward voltage (Vf) – lower losses