Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) has introduced the LTC4415, a monolithic two-channel 4A PowerPath™ ideal diode device designed to reduce heat, voltage drop, and board space while preserving battery run time in power switchover circuits.

The LTC4415 is ideal for applications requiring an ideal Diode-ORing function for load sharing or automatic switchover between two input power sources. The LTC4415’s ultralow 15-mV forward voltage is significantly lower than a Schottky diode - extending battery run time and operating voltage range while ensuring no oscillations during supply switchover. Low 50mOhm on-resistance reduces power loss and heat.

The LTC4415 enables two power supplies to operate together with less than 1 µA of reverse current flow from the OUT pin back to the IN pin, ensuring highly efficient Diode-ORing of the power sources. The IC operates down to 1.7 V and up to 5.5 V, aligning well with supercapacitor backup systems and supporting the trend toward lower voltage supply rails.

(Linear Technology)