SunMizerTM from Xandex Solar (Petaluma, CA) is a new per-panel DC-to-DC power optimizer that increases solar energy harvest by recovering power that is lost when shade falls on a panel. SunMizer can be installed selectively - only on the solar panels that experience regular shading or soiling.

SunMizer is connected in-line with PV panels using standard series wiring schemes and does not require specialized wiring or additional equipment. Lightweight (< 2kg) and compact (6 x 4 x 1.6in.), the unit is easy to install directly to panel racking with standard rack system fasteners and nuts. Each unit has an integral grounding lug that also accepts a ring terminal connection.

A weatherproof NEMA -4 enclosure ensures that the unit will not be damaged by dust, water, or ice.

(Xandex Solar)