A wireless monitoring system from Arch Rock (San Francisco, CA) provides continually updated information on a data center's electrical usage and thermal status - giving users the knowledge to take energy-conservation measures, while maximizing the operational efficiency and reliability of servers and other computing equipment.

Arch Rock Energy Optimizer-Data Center Edition (AREO-DC) measures both power and cooling system efficiency in the data center using non-disruptive IP-based wireless sensor networks.

AREO-DC works by deploying wireless sensors to measure electrical, thermal, flow, and pressure conditions on power circuits, server racks, computer-room air conditioners (CRACs) or air handlers (CRAHs), and chillers underneath the raised computer-room floor. The sensed data is transmitted via wireless sensor networks to a graphical, multi-window dashboard that shows the electricity load of various equipment. The dashboard also shows temperature and humidity data from CRACs, CRAHs, server racks, and chillers over time; chiller water-flow rates; and "heat maps" superimposed on a floor plan.

From the AREO-DC dashboard, users can focus on specific data centers and specific racks within a data center, and bring up side-by-side views of various factors, such as energy usage compared with indoor and/or outdoor temperature. Alerts can be generated when heat- and energy-use thresholds or user-defined financial thresholds are exceeded.

(Arch Rock)