New large cell prismatic electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) from Ioxus (Oneonta, NY) are for transportation and utility applications and are lower in cost for the overall system design. The 1,000-, 3,000-, and 5,000-Farad (F) ultracapacitors are smaller in size, with increased energy and power density, compared to products of other industry players.

Many high-power applications, such as transportation, electric utility, material handling, industrial bridge power, and renewable energy generation require low-cost and long-operating-life energy storage systems for optimal performance. Ioxus' environmentally safe products can quickly store and deliver energy in these demanding applications, providing a high-cycle life and an operating temperature range from -40° to 70°C.

Ioxus EDLCs can be used as sole energy storage devices or can be combined with other types of energy storage devices, such as batteries or fuel cells, to meet the userpower demand requirements. The ultracapacitors are particularly suited for applications where weight or volume of systems is important because of their high-power densities.