National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) introduced the LM5119, a high voltage, dual-channel, dual-phase, synchronous buck controller with emulated current-mode (ECM) control. The LM5119 is ideal for demanding telecommunication, automotive, and industrial control applications that require accurate voltage regulation.

The LM5119 enables regulation of single or dual high-current voltages directly from inputs as high as 65V, simplifying high voltage DC-DC conversion and reducing PCB footprint by up to 50 percent versus alternative solutions requiring two conversion stages.

The LM5119 features a wide operating voltage range of 5.5V to 65V and a 0.8V, 1.5 percent reference enables accurate regulation of load voltages from 0.8V up to 90 percent of the input voltage. The operating frequency is user-programmable from 50 kHz up to 750 kHz and can be synchronized to an external clock signal.

(National Semiconductor)