Fairchild Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) has developed an optimized power MOSFET, the UniFET™ II MOSFET, which features an improved body diode, reduced switching losses, and the capability of withstanding double the current stress during diode recovery dv/dt mode.

The MOSFETs deliver 50 percent better reverse recovery than alternate solutions. A slow reverse recovery can lead to the inability to handle the high reverse recovery current spike, more switching losses and the heating up of the power MOSFET. The the UniFET™ II MOSFET can handle more than double the current stress than existing solutions.

With lower input and output capacitances and best-in-class reverse recovery, the MOSFETs offer high efficiency. By packing a high amount of power in a small package without excessive heat, this improves the overall efficiency of applications such as SMPS for LCD TVs and PDP TVs, SMPS for lighting systems, PC Power, and Server and Telecom power supplies.

(Fairchild Semiconductor)