Tyco Electronics (Harrisburg, PA) introduces a solid-state lighting (SSL) solution – the NEVALO SSL system – designed to accelerate lighting manufacturers’ transition from traditional light sources to new LED lighting fixtures. The system combines the many new components and disciplines of SSL systems into one packaged solution.

The NEVALO system includes over 60 LED Light Modules (LLMs) options, ranging from 300-to-3400 lumens, in form factors for popular lighting applications; optics in total internal reflection and reflector styles; drivers with constant current output, dimming-control capabilities and temperature monitoring; and a new ribbon-based, four-wire configuration wiring system that is physically keyed and color coded for polarity, accurate power connections and ease of manufacturing. Other components included in the system are heat sinks matched to the LLMs to help provide appropriate thermal management and life expectancy, and circuit protection devices.

To view a short animation of the solution, click on the image to the right:

(Tyco Electronics)