DOE has launched the H-Prize competition, offering a $1 million award to an individual or team that creates the most advanced materials for hydrogen storage in vehicles.

The H-Prize is managed by DOE's Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program and administered by the Hydrogen Education Foundation. Future prizes will address other technical barriers to fuel cell vehicles, including hydrogen production and distribution.

To qualify for the prize, a hydrogen storage material must be able to:

  • store more than 70 grams per liter of volume,
  • store more than 7.5% of its weight in hydrogen,
  • release hydrogen at a rate of 0.00002 grams of hydrogen per gram of material,
  • store hydrogen at a rate of 0.0004 grams of hydrogen per second per gram of material, and
  • cycle between less than 5% capacity to greater than 95% of capacity at least 100 times, after which is must still be able to store more than 7.1% of its weight in hydrogen.

Participants must submit material samples by mid-November 2010, and must register on the H-Prize Web site by February 15, 2010. Registration is not yet open, but those interested can sign up on the site for an e-mail notification when registration becomes available. The prize should be awarded in February 2011.