Cymbet Corporation (Elk River, MN) has introduced its EnerChip™ EP CBC-EVAL-09 Universal Energy Harvesting evaluation kit. The EVAL-09 supports all types of ambient energy harvesting from light, vibration, thermal gradients, and flow/motion.

The kit features the EnerChip™ Energy Processor CBC915-ACA, auniversal energy harvesting power management unit for ultra-low power energy harvesting-based systems. The EnerChip Energy Processor (EP) is the first device to work universally across all energy harvesting transducer technologies including photovoltaic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and electromagnetic.

In order to store the harvested energy, the EVAL-09 utilizes EnerChip solid-state batteries (SSB). EnerChip SSBs have many unique eco-friendly attributes including: 1000’s of times rechargeable so they last the lifetime of the product, no batteries to change and no special disposal needed, no dangerous chemicals/gasses to leak out, no flammable solvents, completely non-combustible, and EnerChips use surface mount technology with reflow solder so no battery holders are required.

(Cymbet Corp.)