Creaform, Quebec, Canada, offers the Handyscan 3D self-positioning, handheld 3D laser camera that allows for real-time 3D rendering visualization of scanned data. Resulting STL files can be exported directly in any post-treatment software such as CAD, CAE, or CAM. Contact-free scanning is performed by sweeping over a part the laser light emitted by the camera.

The system is auto-positioned by recognizing targets that are affixed to the part prior to scanning. The digitizing is done by a laser cross that measures through two digital cameras integrated into the scanner head. It also permits the user to mesh the 3D model obtained, providing precision that can reach up to 0.25 mm and a resolution in Z of 0.1 mm. Applications include reverse engineering, design and manufacturing, inspection and measurement, digital mockup and simulations, and medical imaging.

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Imaging Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the June, 2007 issue of Imaging Technology Magazine.

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