American ELTEC, Las Vegas, NV, has introduced a series of five PCI Express frame grabbers with single-lane interface (×1). The PC_EYE®/MONO frame grabber is designed for industrial image processing in which digitization begins immediately after an external trigger signal. The board supports four cameras in multiplex mode.

The PC_EYE®/RGB is a color frame grabber that supports two RGB cameras in multiplex mode with reset/restart functions. It is equipped with two 15-pin D-Sub connectors for connecting to standard RGB cable.

The PC_EYE®/QUADRO is designed for use with up to four simultaneously running synchronized cameras. It digitizes four parallel, independent monochrome image signals from free-running cameras. In quadro mode, the images are stored as four separate monochrome images in an 8-bit-per-pixel format. The board design is based on two field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), one with the PCI Express interface, and the other integrating the frame grabber functionality.

The PC_EYE®/ASYNC is a frame grabber for four simultaneous, unsynchronized monochrome input channels. It enables the simultaneous recording of four unsynchronized monochrome 40-MHz and 8-bit input signals via four independent AD converters. Reset/restart functions are given for each channel via four separate trigger inputs. The PC_EYE®/SEC frame grabber interfaces to up to 16 standard composite video color cameras conforming to NTSC standards for security and monitoring applications. Each camera is connected to its own analog-to-digital converter and has its own color separator.

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