Photron, San Diego, CA, offers the Fastcam SA-1 high-speed camera with 5,000 full megapixel resolution frames per second. It uses CMOS sensor technology for slow-motion video imaging with true 12-bit resolution and two-microsecond global shuttering. The camera design provides two memory configurations, including 8 GB with 6 seconds at 1,000 full frames per second, and 16 GB with 12 seconds at 1,000 full frames per second.

The high-speed imager has a maximum speed at reduced resolution of 150,000 fps. The camera supports IRIG/GPS inputs for time-stamping and synchronization requirements. The camera provides full control via Gigabit Ethernet or remote control via an accompanying keypad with built-in LCD display. It is DC-operated with SDI and RS-170 video outputs. Applications include missile and ballistic testing, vehicle impact analysis, industrial motion analysis, and biomedical imaging.

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