FLIR Systems, North Billerica, MA, offers the ThermoVision® A320 Research infrared camera system. With the integrated ThermaCAM Researcher Software, the camera system provides a flexible solution for precision temperature measurement and real-time thermal analysis for research and development applications.

The camera features an uncooled microbolometer detector, delivering thermographic images and repeatable temperature measurements from -20°C to 120°C or from 0°C to 350°C, and up to a maximum of 1,200°C. Each thermal image is built from more than 76,000 pixels (320 × 240 resolution) sampled by the camera’s onboard electronics and software. The camera provides built-in measurement and analysis functions such as isotherms, spot measurements, line profiles, area histograms, and image subtraction capability for temperature analysis on live or recorded imagery.

The camera measures 70 × 70 × 170 mm and weighs 0.7 kg. It connects to a PC or a monitor and can be fully controlled either from the PC or camera menu. Available in two models, the A320 has a 100 MBit RJ-45 Ethernet connection with a data rate of 5HZ, and the A320G has an RJ-45 Ethernet connection with a data rate of 60 Hz.

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