The 16-megapixel GE4900 ultra-high-resolution CCD camera from Prosilica, Vancouver, BC, Canada, runs three frames per second at 4872 × 3248 pixel resolution over a GigE Vision-compliant Gigabit Ethernet interface. The industrial digital camera incorporates a Kodak KAI-16000 progressive scan CCD sensor with electronic global shutter suitable for capturing high-speed motion events. Exposure times are programmable from 1/100,000 to 60 seconds.

The GE4900 includes an asynchronous external trigger and sync, automatic exposure and white-balance, region of interest read-out, and binning modes to 8 × 8. Available in either monochrome or color models, the camera provides uncompressed digital output in Mono8, Mono16, Bayer8, or Bayer16 formats. The 12-bit A-to-D provides high-quality images to meet demanding applications including LCD panel inspection, aerial imaging, industrial inspection, 3D measurement, and traffic and public security.

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