DGy® 201x and 301x codecs

RGB Spectrum, Alameda, CA, introduces the DGy® 201x and 301x codecs, ideal digital recording and streaming solutions for demanding, mission critical missions. DGy codecs record, transmit, and stream high scan rate images at up to 1600 × 1200 pixel resolution. Both models offer multicast streaming with bandwidth-efficient interframe compression. The codecs support computer, radar, sonar, FLIR, X-Ray, HD, optional HD-SDI, and stereo audio.

The DGy codecs use JPEG 2000 compression to achieve almost lossless recording. The models are available in either internal disk-based or external network storage configurations. The DGy 210x includes an internal 238GB removable hard disk drive and an optional 238GB fixed hard disk. The smaller form factor DGy 310x is diskless and uses external network attached storage, such as RAID, for centralized recording storage and retrieval with extended storage capacity.

The DGy codecs offer a concurrent record and replay option that allows review of imagery while live recording continues. Other features include external time code synchronization, event marking, and instant random access. Multiple DGy units can be interconnected to support simultaneous, synchronized recording of multiple sources.

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