Edmund Optics®, Barrington, NJ, has released the VZM™ 100i series parafocal zoom lens systems for video cameras. Ideal for inspection systems needing to handle many objects without changing working distance, the VZM 100i features a compact 28mm diameter removable mount with optional zoom lock adapter, and works with camera sensors as large as 2/3-inch.

The VZM 100i offers a 0.25x primary magnification, a 4:1 zoom ratio, and a horizontal field of view of 25.6mm when using a 2/3-inch sensor. Its working distance is 175mm with resolution up to 70 1p/mm, and it offers an increased depth of field over other members of the VZM family. The VZM 100i features a rack-and-pinion focusing movement and parafocal design to eliminate the need to refocus when changing zoom levels. The i-series also offers front threading for filters and a locking iris.

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