American ELTEC, Las Vegas, NV, has released the PC_EYE/CL PCI Express frame grabber that supports base, medium, and full configurations. The PCI Express interface with four lanes delivers data rates of up to 1 GB/s for maximum-speed cameras with full interfaces. It also delivers speeds of up to 680 MB/s. The board has inputs for digital video data compliant with Camera Link standard Version 1.2. Each of the two on-board Mini-Delta-Ribbon 26-pin connectors supports four ports, enabling a total of eight ports to be used.

It is possible to connect either two independent base cameras, using ports A-C each, or one medium (A-F), or one full (A-H) camera. Each 8-bit-wide Camera Link port uses a high-speed 7:1 multiplexing scheme with a serial transmission rate of 2.36 Gbit/s. Two independent controllers are capable of transferring two video data streams into two independent memory regions. Trigger and opto-insulated I/O signals are routed through a 26-pole internal flat cord plug connector.

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