Vision Research, Wayne, NJ, has introduced the Phantom Miro eX-Series handheld digital high-speed cameras available in three models: the Miro eX1, eX2, and eX4. They offer a custom-designed CMOS sensor and are offered in resolutions of 640×480 for the eX1 and eX2, and 800x600 for the eX4. Other features include frame rates of 500 to more than 1,200 frames per second. Exposure times are as low as two microseconds, allowing users to freeze fast-moving objects and eliminate blur.

The CMOS sensors feature ISO-12232 ratings of 4800 for monochrome and 1200 for color. The cameras feature a conductive fiber-filled polycar-bonate body and a weight of 1.5 pounds. All controls are accessed directly through a 3.5" touch-screen LCD that allows users to review and edit videos directly on the camera. Through the LCD, users can play and rewind, trim with in-points and out-points, and manage multi-cine setups. An Image-Based Auto-Trigger feature allows users to program the camera to automatically begin recording as soon as motion is detected within a specific point in the frame.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2009 issue of Imaging Technology Magazine.

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