Point Grey Research (Richmond, BC, Canada) has announced its Ladybug ®5 camera. The LD5-U3-51S5C features 30 megapixels (MP) of total resolution, covering 90% of a full sphere; a 5Gbit/s USB 3.0 interface; and a post-processing workflow.

The Ladybug5 spherical imaging system uses six high-sensitivity 5 MP Sony ICX655 CCD sensors; five CCDs are positioned in a horizontal ring, and one is positioned vertically pointing upwards. Global shutter CCD technology prevents motion artifacts when capturing images from a moving vehicle.

All six Ladybug5 imagers are pre-calibrated in Point Grey’s manufacturing facility. The Ladybug5 captures, optionally compresses, and transmits full bit-depth (12-bit) images to the host PC, where a software post-processing workflow applies white balance, gamma, smear correction, fall-off correction, and other image processing functions.

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