IDS Imaging Development Systems (Woburn, MA) offers a new stereo 3D camera: the Ensenso ™ N10. The Ensenso™ N10 is fitted with two global shutter CMOS sensors and a pattern projector that projects a static, high-contrast texture onto the object being captured, adding structures that are not visible or are only faintly visible to the human eye.

With a refresh rate of 30 frames per second, the Ensenso N10 can be used completely in-line. It is optimized for working distances of 280 mm to 1400 mm, and available in configurations for variable fields of view. Image resolution is 752 × 480 pixels (WVGA).

Featuring an aluminum housing that measures 150 × 45 × 45 mm, the Ensenso N10 is qualified for space-sensitive industrial environments, including mounting on mobile robot heads. Its rugged design also includes a lockable 3-pin M8 sensor/actuator connector, GPIOs for 12-24 V hardware trigger input and output, as well as a lockable USB cable.

The software package features an MVTec HALCON interface and an object-oriented API (C++). When working with multiple cameras, the software enables output of a single 3D point cloud containing the data of all the cameras used, resulting in the capture of the scene synchronously from different sides, thus reducing shadowing effects and extending the field of view.

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